The Elevation Series Upright Lifecycle Exercise Bike is the most advanced model of the original model-the Lifecycle Exercise Bike. The Knee Over Pedal Spindle (KOPS) is a biomechanically correct leg position that is standard on all Lifecycle Upright Exercise Bikes. It closely simulates the feel of a road bike and reduces pressure on the knees. The unique Hybrid feature reduces energy consumption from the console when a high enough intensity level is achieved. A green hybrid icon alerts users they are helping power the equipment. Energy generated and saved is displayed with results at the end of each workout.


Dimensions: 110.5 x 53.3 x 151.1 cm
Weight: 79.80 kg (175.93 lbs)
Max. User Weight: 181 kg (399.04 lbs)
Readout Display: 15" Integrated LCD Screen with Touch Screen Technology and Built-in Video Speed, Resistance Level, Heart Rate, Elapsed Time, Distance, Distance Climbed, Calories, Calories Per Hour, Language Choices (8), Workout Profile, Wattage, METs, RPM
Features: 26 Resistance Levels
Programs: Over 25 different programs

Life Fitness 95c Lifecycle



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