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Are you looking for a cross trainer that can help you improve coordination, tone your legs and glutes, and provide you with minimal impact on your joints? The Technogym Crossover might just be for you; manufactured in Italy, the Crossover has been ergonomically designed to prompt your body to engage the appropriate muscles so you maintain proper posture throughout your workout. Due to the moving arms and legs involved with the Crossover, you are not only moving in two dimensions but also laterally as well, allowing you to burn up to 160 calories in 20 minutes. This sort of lateral movement is very similar to skating and skiing; ultimately promoting a high degree of control of the body, requiring the legs to extend, abduct, flex, and rotate all in one natural smooth movement. Smooth and quiet, the Crossover will provide anyone with an enjoyable cardio experience that requires next to no experience to use and reap its benefits.

Burn up to 160 calories in 20 minutes
Arms and legs move in three dimensions
Interconnected platforms and levers prompt your limbs to synchronize with each other for better coordination.
Lateral movement very similar to skating and skiing.
Low impact makes it safe for joints; ergonomic platforms promote correct posture and traveling in a proper line.

Display Option: UNITY Touchscreen or Advanced LED Interface
Fast Track Control with Visual Setup: Yes
Type of Movement: Lateral Pattern
93/42/EEC Certifications: Yes on MD700
Goal Oriented Display: Yes
Calorie Coach: Yes
Plug & Play System: Yes
Wellness System: Optional
Characteristics: 26 training programs, 15 languages/ 23 training programs, 13 languages, fitness test, hand sensors
Difficulty Levels: 1-25
Length: 64″
Width: 30″
Height: 67″
Weight: 340 lbs
HR Monitoring: Double hand sensor, Telemetry
Sub Maximal Tests: Fitness Test
Max. User Weight: 400 lbs.

Technogym Crossover