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The Excite Vario is an elliptical cross trainer, providing an intense physical activity burning up to 200 calories in 20 minutes. It?s perfect if you want to lose weight, improve your coordination, help prevent joint problems and move all the muscles in your body in a single training session. Allowing for three different movement options, you are able to seamlessly define your own unique path or motion without even stepping off of the machine. The three movements are step, elliptical, and vario. The step is much like how you would climb up and down stairs without the impact. The elliptical is performed by moving your legs in a orbital pattern like during a brisk walk. The Vario is similar to an athlete?s sprint consisting of long wide strides. Through all of these series of motions, you can put together a workout that feels natural yet provides your body with a new challenge everytime.

Dimensions: L 185cm x W 74cm x H 170cm
Features: Three types of motion: step, elliptical, and vario Quiet and smooth Intense, natural training unlike any cardio machine No impact means less stress on joints and bones Seamless transitions between types of motion
Programs: 26 programs, 15 languages, fitness test/ 23 programs, 13 languages, fitness test